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Win or lose, ask for the debrief

Asking for a post-award debriefing might be the smartest thing you’ll ever do for your win rate. A debriefing is provided by the prospective client or agency and provides a proposer with the rationale of the selection decision. On almost all […]

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A great tip by the legendary Tom Sant

I’m a big fan of Tom Sant, who wrote the essential book for writing proposals, Persuasive Business Proposals. I heard him speak in Atlanta last year at the Association of Proposal Management Professionals conference and since then I’ve been on his […]

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Dynamic Duo, Part Two

In my last post, we talked about how partnering with a graphic designer (as opposed to using a graphic designer) can lead to proposals that stand out. Here are some pointers on finding and keeping a David Humes or a Logan Hartline […]

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Dynamic Duo, Part One

I can do a lot by myself when it comes to doing proposals. I can dissect the Request for Proposal, whip up a strategy, write content, design the look, and bring it all together into a finished product—delivered on time. […]

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