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The Art of The Proposal®

Proposal writing is not a science, in spite of what you might hear from some proposal experts. There are many concrete things you can do to make your proposal better and increase its chances of winning. But there are at least as many soft things—less concrete things—that affect a proposal’s chances. And that’s where it becomes an art.


Circling back after our big win…the process and the final product you produced was nothing short of excellent. Executive VP, Boston-based asset management company - 1/2018
I love our new logo. It continues to grow on me. Looks good on plan sheets, just everything. I like the simplicity and boldness with the touch of creativity….but not so much it blurs the message.…Thank you for always making me feel like you have our company’s best interests at heart.  President, Murfreesboro-based woman-owned business - 8/2017
[The prospect] shared that she has written and reviewed hundreds of proposals in her career and ours was the best proposal she’s ever seen. She appreciated the prose, tone and organization. She felt it gave great insight into the personality of our company. Principal Owner, Nashville-based data management company - 5/2016
Brent was a key component to our winning a $15 million contract with the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). He joined the team with less than three weeks to go and quickly got up to speed on the RFP and on our offering and differentiators. He then developed win themes and worked them throughout the proposal, which was successful even though we were up against a national player.  President, Colorado-based software development company - 2/2016
As I reflect back on the first nine months, I wanted you to know how awesome it is that you conduct yourself as a business partner … not just a vendor. I REALLY appreciate all you do and the passion you do it with. Without you on our team—I could never crank out the number of proposals that we do. Impossible.” President, National healthcare support services company - 11/2014
The process was painless for me; communication and document transfer flowed very well. And you took care of things so no effort was required by me. Again, the operative word is ‘painless.’ Principal owner, Knoxville-based engineering company - 6/2012
Thank you again for your great contribution to our DARPA effort—we couldn’t have crossed the finish line without you. I especially appreciate you working into the wee hours with a cheerful demeanor. CMO, Nashville-based learning game design company - 7/2011

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